My Story
My photographic journey began more than a decade ago when I got my first digital camera. It was meant to take videos but I was rather interested in shooting photos.
I started out as a hobbyist when I got my first Digital SLR. The day I got the camera home, I stayed up all night to explore all about its features, how exposure works, what is the depth of field, white balance, etc. I believe it changed the way I looked at photography and I knew that I was uncovering my love for the first time.
My professional photography began when I moved to Dallas, Texas for my studies. I took a job as a photographer and later as a Photo Editor in The Mercury Newspaper, where I learned and practiced a journalistic approach to photography and the art of storytelling. I realized that photography is more about telling a story and conveying emotions than the technicality of it.
Later that year I started photographing Weddings and Portraits professionally. While I grew my business in Dallas, I had to move to Los Angeles where I took a Full-Time job allied with a professional degree. With tireless efforts, I rebuilt my business in a new city. I took this opportunity to grow my photographic style in a different environment. Just within a few years, in 2017, I made a bigger decision, this time to move to Ottawa, Canada where I currently reside. And yet again, you will see that change in the environment of my photos. 
Photography is my passion, my meditation, and I can't imagine my life without it. There is nothing like getting a shot that captures the soul and the rest can be unsaid. It is those moments that inspire me to click the shutter. I find joy in capturing your stories, your special moments that will make them into memories. My true reward is the smile on your face when you look back on them after many years.
My Style and My promise
​​​​​​​I love to capture the moment and the natural expressions on your face that truly depicts who you are. I believe that you photograph the best when you are in your elements. Obviously, posing has its place but it is the emotions and the feelings that make the photograph. My commitment is to try and capture that feeling. I prefer natural light over the artificial light though it is important to choose the correct light for correct situations.
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