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Hello There!
My name is Akshay (Uk-shay) and I am an Ottawa-based portrait photographer with a rich background in portraiture and events.  I focus on capturing moments that invoke emotions my clients remember experiencing rather than relying on augmented ones, I strive to freeze memories in time, allowing my clients to reconnect with the feelings they experienced during those precious seconds.
I moved to the beautiful Capital of Canada in 2017 before that I was providing wedding, portraiture, and event photography in Southern California and the Dallas Texas area. If you are interested read my story here, I will be honored if you take the time.
My photography centers around natural light and candid portraiture that weaves a compelling narrative. While I appreciate the beauty of external lighting and strobes, I reserve their use for moments when the situation truly calls for it.
I am passionate about capturing authentic moments that reveal your true self. Each photograph holds the essence of who you are, and this authenticity gives it timeless value. Whether it’s candid shots or posed compositions, my goal is to create images that resonate with your unique story.  If you have worked with me before you will know I will ask you to be by yourself enjoying the moment and forget about being photographed. 
My photographic style embraces a subtle film-like quality, carefully preserving colors and contrast. Sometimes, certain photos are destined to be timeless black-and-white classics.
My promise is to provide memories that will last. I believe that you photograph the best when you are in your element.  
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