Selecting your choice of photos is an optional process allowing you to view and select your photos. This also helps you review the images and ask me to make any changes to them by commenting on them. e.g. you can ask me to make change a certain photo to Black and White or if you feel that one of the images I provided was darker than you expected you can ask me to increase the exposure. etc.
It is best to select a subset of your choice of 15-25 images that are good for sharing. Use the following instructions pick your favorites and I will create another shareable smaller gallery that will not be password protected. You can share this link with your friends and family.
Here is how it works
- Ask me to send a link to select your choice of photos  
Once you open the link will be directed to the site
- To select photos and relay your selection back to me, you will need to create an account with Adobe (There are no charges to create an account and you may delete it later)
- Choose to sign in by clicking the profile icon in the right corner or selecting a photo.
- Once you are logged in you can select the photos by clicking on the checkmark.
- You may choose to review (and select) photos in the full-screen mode by clicking on the photo.
- You can also leave a comment if you need to give me feedback on a photo of your choice e.g. "Can you make this into a black and white?", "Can you brighten this photo?" etc.
- I am limiting you to select 30 photos so that they are easy to share.
Once you select your choice of images I will add another folder to my SharePoint called the "Selection" button so that you can easily download them.
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